E (and sometimes why) 
If, Bwana with/and/by Trio Scordatura
“Gilmore’s Girls” & “Diapason, maybe” 
Pogus 21062-2

If, Bwana and Monique Buzzarté
Bastet’s Kitten BK001

“Assemble. Age!” 
If, Bwana 
“Death to the 8 Notes,” “Cicada #1: EHG Version,” and “Six Minus 6”
Mutable Music 17540-2

Keep Going: Music of Elias Tanenbaum
Ensemble Π
“A Bubble in My Eye” for trombone, piano, and percussion
Ravello Records RAEL 7807 

Ellen Fullman and Monique Buzzarté
Deep Listening 38

Noah Creshevsky: To Know and Not to Know  
Track 7
Sequenza (for Trombone)
Tzadik 8036 

Holding Patterns
Zanana (Monique Buzzarté and Kristin Norderval)
Deep Listening 30

Dreaming Wide Awake 
New Circle Five 
(Monique Buzzarté, Rosi Hertlein, Susie Ibarra, Kristin Norderval, and Pauline Oliveros)
Deep Listening 20

Cage Edition 19 – The Number Pieces 2:  John Cage’s Five3 
 Arditti Quartet with Monique Buzzarté
Mode 75