Co-Editor with Tom Bickley of the Anthology of Essays on Deep Listening, published by Deep Listening Publications (May 2012)

“Jazz@Lincoln Center: Notice Something Missing?”
America Music Center’s NewMusicBox (February 2002)

“Advocacy: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra”
International Alliance for Women in Music Journal, Vol. 3, No. 2, June 1997, pp. 3-8

“We Need a Man for Solo Trombone”
Originally published in the International Alliance for Women in Music Journal Vol. 1, No. 3 (February 1996) pp. 8-11. Reprinted in Sforzando (March 1996), The Women’s Journal (April 1996), Music Clubs Magazine (Spring 1999), CUBE Newsletter (March/April 1999), and Emerging Voices (Student Association for Feminist Thought, Morehead State University, Kentucky, 2001).

 “Brass Music of Women Composers” was published as Chapter 13 in The Musical Woman: An International Perspective, Vol III edited by Judith Lang Zaimont (Wesport: Greenwood Press, 1991). [This first-of-its kind listing included information of 759 compositions for brass with keyboard; concerto; brass with tape; brass with percussion; brass with chorus; mixed duets (duets for one brass instrument and one non-brass instrument), miscellaneous (compositions scored for brass and up to two non-brass instruments); and unknown (known to be for brass, but exact instrumentation not determined). Each entry contained information on the composer’s nationality and dates along with information about the composition (title, date of composition, duration, instrumentation, publisher, recordings). The cut-off date was 1989.]